A painting of Sam's face Sam Bleckley A painting of Sam's face

My name is Sam Bleckley. I’m a consulting software engineer, designer, and artist working out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sam possesses tremendous insight into how software should be written, from inception through delivery.

—Mike Doel, Mutually Human

Not only knowledgeable, but more importantly, knew how to articulate abstract ideas and knowledge to non-domain experts

—Ryan Liu, SJS Lab

Code quality was consistently excellent, laying down a solid foundation for us to grow our application suite.

—Joshua Bloom, Wise.io

He quickly became one of my most trusted colleagues and favorite collaborators for working through the thorniest of problems.

—Zach Dennis, Mutually Human

Sam took the time to learn the ins and outs of our organization throughout the process.

—Chris Romero, Home Repair Services