Does your team need a helping hand, or a nudge in the right direction? Here are some ways I can help.


Custom Web Applications

You've got data that tells a complicated story, and want to present it clearly; or you've got a service to deliver and you want to do it online. Let me design and build information-dense, complex web software, custom for you.

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First Hire Assistance

Hiring your first software engineer can be daunting. It's a huge expense, and it's very hard to vet candidate's technical skills. Let me help you, from writing the job description, through the interview process.

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Project Audit

You've got a small, scrappy team, and they've been working on your product for what seems like too long. Are they doing a good job? We'll do an independent audit of your process, code, and goals. We'll help get you and your team back on track.

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Gap Analysis

You don't already have a product in mind, but you suspect that the right idea could change your business for the better. I can help! Over 2-3 weeks, I'll talk to you, your team, and your customers, and see if custom software or improved processes might make a difference.

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Talks and Classes

Make your team rock-solid in important software development fundamentals like version control, estimation, product planning, or iterative development. I'll help teach you and your team how to be stronger and more consistent.

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