Building custom software from the ground up requires a methodical approach to ensure you get the right result, on time and on budget. I break the planning and execution into 4 phases; and I'm happy to work with you through all four, or just part of the way.

Custom Software

I. Research and Inception

During the inception phase, I conduct stakeholder interviews. I want to understand not just your problem, but your business, and how you measure value. I'll document your existing solution, and if your competitors have solutions, I'll examine those as Ill. I'll talk to users, and validate our assumptions with simple prototypes.

At the end of this phase, I deliver a story-map, which is a proposal of the features I think the final product should have, and how it will benefit your business.

II. Estimation

The goal of the estimation phase is to nail down the timeline and cost of the construction phase. I identify and reduce any uncertainty in terms of technical feasibility or user needs. I'll help you understand and navigate the trade-offs in time, cost, and features.

At the end of this phase, I deliver a clear visual picture of the product, a timeline of how long development will take, and the estimated cost of the final product.

III. Construction

Construction involves constant progress, and constant reevaluation of the goal. Expect weekly informal meetings, continuous updates to our original estimate, and collaboration as I continue to learn more from users as they begin to use your new software.

During this phase, I deliver usable software as soon and as often as possible. You won't need to wait until every last feature is built to start benefiting from the result.

IV. Validation

After construction is complete, and your business has had time to reach a new equilibrium, I come back and assess the result. Using the measures of cost and value established in phase I, I'll make sure your business has what it needs — and if there are any further opportunities for growth.

In this phase, I deliver a final assessment of the software and how it fits your business. If there are remaining gaps, I document how they could be addressed.

“Sam possesses tremendous insight into how software should be written, from inception through delivery.”

— Mike Doel (Managing Director, Mutually Human)

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