Here are tools and products I’ve built to help me do my job more effectively. Maybe they’ll help you, too.


Vistimo manages software projects. It ensures your team shares the same product vision, and your business understands the time and budgetary risks.

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Draw Every Day is an iOS app. It gives you one blank canvas, a one-word prompt, and 24 hours to draw something.

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Reference Board helps artists to organize and store references images. It eliminates social distractions and lets artists concentrate on making art.

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Pigmentor is a tool for understanding and harmonizing color, with a pedigree going back to the early 1900's and Munsell's Book of Color.

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Esdragon is a drag-and-drop library for React. I gave a multi-screen talk about it at 2018's Beer City Code.

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Phocus is a framework-agnostic frontend library for managing documentation, focus and context-sensitive hotkeys.

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Schematizer is a tiny tool to help prototype Rails APIs more quickly. It take a single YAML document and builds a database schema to match.

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Unjustifiable is a library for beautiful text justification on the web.

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